Human Microbiome Care

What is the Human Microbiome?

The human body is made up of trillions of cells that make up our organs and an equal number of microorganisms that inhabit the mucosa membranes and skin of our body, constituting what is known as the Human Microbiome that lives in symbiosis with us.

These millions of microorganisms act as main actors both in maintaining health and in recovering it when it has been broken/damaged.

The oral microbiome constituted by the microorganisms that inhabit the mouth, is in constant movement, connected with the rest of the body and forming a protective barrier together with the oral mucosa.

An ecosystem in balance

 The microbiome is made up of both microorganisms (microbiota) and their habitat (environment, environment or ecosystem). When this ecosystem is in balance and bacteria with each other, “good bacteria” v “bad bacteria”, our body is healthy, and we enjoy health.

However, when the oral microbiome is altered, oral dysbiosis occurs, which signals inflammation. The excess of pathogenic microorganisms, or the reduction of good microorganisms, can cause complications at different levels:

The mouth is the main gateway to the body and the oral mucosa and microbiome are our body’s first line of defence.