Mucosa Innovations with Women’s Health


xcm intim
  •  Protection and hydration of the mucosa of the femenine external genital organs.
  •  Protects and hydrates the mucosa of the feminine external genitals improving their appearance and keeping them in good condition.
  •  Respects intimate pH and facilitates sexual life.
  • XCM® INTIM MUCOSA contains the patented Saliactive® combination whose ingredients are 100% of natural origin.
  • 50ml

Recommended use

Apply thoroughly to the entire vulvar area 2 pumps at night and also in the morning if needed.

Gel for topical use.

XCM® INTIM MUCOSA promotes the protection, hydration and lubrication of the vulvovaginal area, restoring comfort to the area and facilitating sexual intercourse.

Indicated after menopause and in women undergoing treatment for breast and gynecological cancer.

Respects the intimate pH. No perfume. Does not contain hormones.

Easy-to-apply airless container that keeps the product from oxidation and external contamination. Non staining.

Patents and Trademarks registered.