Protection of the oral mucosa

The mucosal barrier in delicate situations

In the same way that the skin has specific characteristics depending on the anatomical area in which it is located, the mucosa also has specific properties adapted to local needs.

The oral cavity, as a way of entering the body, needs its mucosa to offer protection against penetration of unwanted substances and subjects. A balanced microbiota and saliva, among others, are the tools that the oral mucosa uses to maintain the conditions that ensure its protective activity.

Day-to-day situations such as aggressive oral hygiene or the use of certain substances or principles can be to the first trigger a negative response with a brittle mucosa, loosing its protection.

Stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, toxic subtances like alcohol or tobacco, harsch procedures such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy are some examples of factors that, in the face of a weakened mucosa, can challenge the barrier function of the oral mucosa.

How can inadequate oral hygiene affect mucosal health?

  • Harsch oral hygiene products act against the mucosa. Its continued use for is an attack on the balance of the oral microbiome, whose function, among others, is to retain moisture in the tissue. The dehydrated tissue swells and becomes weak and brittle, succumbing to the small challenges of everyday life or the threats of exceptional aggression in delicate situations.

What situations can attack the oral mucosa?

  • The oral mucosa as skin has self-regeneration mechanisms that ensure the correct performance of its protective functions under normal conditions. Thus, the oral mucosa is capable of maintaining its integrity in the face of microfractures that food causes daily during meals and of which we are not aware.
  • However, in certain less ordinary situations such as stress, poor diet, hormonal changes or during chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, the mucosa may see its capacity for tissue regeneration exceeded and lose its functionality
  • Toxics from different origin tend to accumulate then and easily enter the body

What benefits can I expect from using XCM® Oral Mucosa?

  • XCM® Oral Mucosa forms a film on the surface of the mucosa that moisturises and protects it keeping it in good condition.