The genital mucosa

External genital organs such as vulva, minor and mayor lips, clitoris and vagina introittus are covered by a mucosa membrane that is a continuum with internal mucosa of the genitourinary system

When young the mucosa of the feminine external organs is protected by natural mechanisms.

What situations can attack the genital mucosa?

Hormonal changes, whether they are of natural causes (menopause) or caused as a result of cancer treatment alter the mucosa in this area.

Genital mucosa and sexual life may be affected after certain cancers and their treatements such as is the case of breast cancer.

What benefits can I expect from using XCM® INTIM MUCOSA?

XCM® INTIM MUCOSA forms a film that provides hydration and protection of the intimate mucosa. Thanks to its specific pH, it helps maintain an ecosystem without changes while counteracting the dehydrating effect.